AMS AnKor QT Arrows

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The AMS AnKor QT Arrows with the AMS Cyclone tip has what serious bowfishers need on the water. The stainless-steel construction, short body, and  stamped triple bars along with the tip makes the AnKor QT one of the best.  The barbs collapse on the shot which creates a small entry hole for great penetration.  When the barbs engage, they spread to 2 inches of holding area.  To release the fish, just make a couple quick turns of the shaft.  The AMS AnKor QT Arrow works for all fish but is exceptional for softer fleshed or larger fish due to its holding power and great penetration.  Buy yours today at Sawyer's Country Edge. 

Its stainless-steel construction, short body, lightweight design and collapsed bars offer great penetration.  The AnKor FX is great for any fish but is best for softer fleshed or larger fish due to its great penetration and holding power.  The barbs are collapsed on the shot allowing the smallest entry hole possible.  Once in the fish, three barbs spread to 2.5" of holding area. To loosen the tips just turn a couple of times to flip the barbs.  To remove the fish is easy, just loosen the tip a couple turn to slip the bars.  The tip does not need to be completely removed.  Buy yours today at Sawyer's Country Edge.

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