AMS Arrow Rests

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The AMS Wave Rest was designed for simplicity. High sides keep the arrow under control and a spinning roller reduces wear on the arrow shaft. The most beginner level of all the AMS arrow rests.

The AMS Zip Rest is simple yet is a great-performing arrow rest. Snap the arrow in from the side or load through the center. Composite material ensures minimal wear on the arrow shaft.

AMS Tidal Wave Rest has all the features backed into the ultimate arrow rest. The tidal wave is as rugged as they come. No matter how fast the fish is moving, this design keeps your arrow in place for any shot. The Tidal Wave is affordable, brutal tough and shoots very true.

The AMS Channel Cat Rest is a fully machined aluminum arrow rest. The smaller housing of the arrow rest controls the arrow while you move and swing your bow. Stainless steel fasteners ensure corrosion free use and a machined brass roller minimizes friction and wear from heavy bowfishing arrows.

All arrow rests can be used by right or left handed shooters. 

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