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The AMS E-Rad Eradicator Bow has a lightweight design with many performance-enhancing features. The E-Rad Bow has a super tough riser, parallel limbs, dual cams, molded textured grip, smooth draw and release, and dual muck buster limb bolts. It has a draw weight of 30-60 pounds with an adjustable draw length of 25"-31". The weighs 3.64 pounds and is 35" from axle-to-axle. An overall well performing bow, with accurate precision, that will produce results. 
The E-Rad Kit includes: E-Rad Bow, AMS Retriever TNT with 35 yards of 350 pound Spectra Line, Lava Crux Arrow with AnKor FX Point, AMS Tidal Wave Arrow Rest, Royal String Things. A great Kit for an amazing price.

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