AMS Hooligan Bow and Kit

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The AMS Hooligan Bow is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come. The unique no-let-off system affords perfect draw force curve at optimal efficiency/power at any draw weight.  24-50 pound draw weight with a 32" max draw length. Simple to adjust with a single tool and no bow press needed to adjust or swap bowstrings. The bright orange Kryptek Inferno camo is a very clean design that looks and feels sharp. The bow weighs 3.25 pounds and a string length of 58.5".
The Hooligan Bow Kit includes the Hooligan Bow, AMS Retriever TNT Reel with 35 yards of 350 pound Spectra Line, White Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos FX Point, Tidal Wave Arrow Rest, Orange String Things. A great-performing Bowfishing Kit that's lots of fun to use and gives results.

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