AMS Special Ops Night Vision Bow Light System

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Part Number:378-2
The AMS Bow Light System allows you to bowfish in stealth mode. The Special Ops Night Vision Bow Light has proven itself to be one of the brightest LED bowfishing flashlights on the market. The 900 lumen LED light is extremely efficient on battery life while the extended remote switch allows the light to be activated when the bow is at full draw for the ultimate sneak attack towards the fish. The mount is only 1/8" thick and its mounts beneath Retriever reels and archery sights to the sight holes of the bow and allows for quick removal as needed. This light system kit includes: Light with 900 lumen LED, Mount Bracket, Cap Switch, Pressure Switch, and 1 Rechargeable battery. A great tool to get the upper hand when bowfishing.

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