Bakcou Mule

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The Bakcou Mule uses Bafang's Ultra mid-drive motor, the "diesel engine" of mid-drive motors, to provide a smooth and fast ride to get you where you want to go! Its smart Ultra motor provides continuous feedback from the rider to the motor to make the ride as smooth as possible. It tops out at over 35 MPH, has a range of over 50 miles, and a capacity of 350 lbs that all comes from the electric bikes amazing torque and power output. It has a 100mm AIR Front Fork suspension and runs off of a Lithium-Ion Battery, making it a perfectly well-rounded ride for any occasion. The Mule also has different options for tire sizes to allow greater ease getting on and off of the bike. These are the Mule Step-Through (ST), coming in sizes of 24 inches and 26 inches. The Mule comes with a standard 17.5ah battery with other options to select at an increased price. Buy yours today at Sawyer's Country Edge!

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