Double Tine Triple P - Premium Perennial Powerhouse

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Double Tine's Triple P - Perennial is a blend of  high end clovers, alfalfa, and chicory.  This seed has good digestibility and mineral content with a great source of high protein forage.  This product is good for dormancy ratings for very cold temperatures and winter grazing.  Whitetail deer are attracted to this foilage and will come back for more.  Planting dates include February through September 15.  Best soil type - Clay and loam with a pH of 6 or higher.  A 1/4" layer of soil should cover the seed when planting.  This 5 lb. bag will cover 1/2 acre.  Contains:  Ladino Clover, Medium Red Clover, White Dutch Clover, Alsike Clover, Alfalfa, Chicory

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