LEM MaxVac Vacuum Sealer

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  The MaxVac 250 Vacuum Sealer by LEM Products is an industrial grade vacuum sealer that will extend the freshness and freezer life of all your favorite foods. The Vacuum Sealer will seal 250+ times without stopping. This product features a 13" replaceable seal bar and an integrated roll material cutter/holder that will let you customize your bag. This stainless steel vacuum is 17.34" x 12" x 4.63" and includes an 8" x 10' roll of bag material. Also available is the MaxVac 500 Vacuum sealer. The high-quality, durable appliance works well for those who don't need the industrial output of a larger machine. Includes a roll material holder and cutter to customize your bag size. Includes 8" x 25' roll of bag material.

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