Wicked Ridge RDX 410

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The Wicked Ridge RDX 410 is the best-selling, high performance bow that you're ever going to find. This is a reverse- draw crossbow which allows more speed with less draw weight allowing for that smoother, balanced, more accurate shot. The RDX 410 shoots up to 410 FPS and measures at 29 inches short and 9 inches narrow. This bow's newest feature is the ACUdraw Silent - this is by far the easiest ACUdraw to operate, it provides silent cocking and gives a draw weight of 5 pounds. In addition, this bow also has a 70-yard Pro-View scope, this scope features an updated reticle. This bow is also equipped with an integrated string stop system which with lessens the noise and vibration with each shot. This package includes a ACUdraw silent cocking device, 70-yard Pro-View 400 Scope, 3 match 400 carbon arrows, integrated string stop, and quiver. Buy yours today at Sawyer's Country Edge. 

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